Apsis Newsletter Pro

Apsis Newsletter Pro is a service for creating and sending email newsletters, including management of all things related to these activities such as subscriber and mailing lists management. Lime provides an integration for Lime CRM which makes it possible to easily manage Apsis subscribers and mailing lists from Lime CRM.

A brief summary of what the Apsis Integration can do for you:

  • Administration of mailing lists and subscribers from inside Lime CRM using the built-in campaign management feature.
  • Follow up of sent mailings from inside Lime CRM, complete with presentation of number of views and clicks.
  • Possibility to see exactly which persons have opened a specific mailing.

The new v2.x edition of the integration requires much less server resources and is generally more robust. One of the reasons for this is that email address is now always used as the key when synchronizing data between Lime CRM and Apsis which means that no Apsis subscriber IDs need to be stored in Lime CRM.

The following features present in v1.x of the Apsis Integration are not supported in v2.x:

  • Synchronization of demographical data
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