Frequently Asked Questions

This page is a collection of questions that occur from time to time.

Is it possible to use Mail Gateway with other mail providers than Exchange, for example Lotus Notes, POP3/IMAP or Google Mail?


Can Mail Gateway parse and split the message body of incoming emails and store the information in different fields in a Lime CRM record?


How do I associate an account with a specific database when using multiple databases?

The database attribute of the account element should be set to the name of the corresponding database entry in the databases element collection of the lundalogik.dataaccess section of the configuration file.

I'm having trouble configuring Mail Gateway to send email using an alias. What could be wrong?

This is usually due to permission problems. Make sure that the Mail Gateway Exchange user has full permission on the account that is to send email from/as.

The autoreply deletes all linebreaks, which makes the autoreply look really strange with all text in one line. Is there a way to keep the linebreaks?

Yes! By adding a <pre> tag (with an ending </pre> tag) in the autoreply template, you can preserve linebreaks.

Example: this example would preserve linebreaks for the original mail body:


Is there anything special we need to think about regarding Office 365?

Nothing different than with a on-premise Exchange. Except the serviceURL:

<mailbox emailAddress="" userName="lime" password="A super secret password."
serviceUrl="" />

(It's the same URL for all 365 customers)

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