Mail Gateway

Mail Gateway is an addon for Lime CRM that runs on the server where it monitors one or more mailboxes for incoming email. When a message arrives it is typically imported into the Lime CRM database and an automatic reply is sent to the sender of the messages.

A common use case is in helpdesk scenarios where incoming messages typically are support requests that are to be filed as helpdesk tickets and assigned a ticket number which is sent back to the sender as a reference.

A brief summary of what Mail Gateway can do for you:

  • Monitor one or more mailboxes simultaneously.
  • Map parts of the email message (e.g. subject, body, senders email address) to fields in Lime CRM.
  • Send automatic replies to incoming messages using pre-defined templates (.msg or HTML format).
  • Embed data from records created in Lime CRM in outgoing email message, e.g. to return an automatically generated helpdesk ticket number to the sender.
  • Scan the subject and body (or both) of an incoming message for an identifier and if a matching record exists in Lime CRM that record can be updated with more information.
  • Store email messages as documents in Lime CRM (.eml or .msg format).

Mail Gateway is implemented as a Windows service and typically runs on the Lime CRM server machine. It uses Lime CRM Web Service to access the Lime CRM database and Exchange Web Services (EWS) to access the Exchange server.

  • Last modified: 3 years ago
  • by Alvar Berglind