Azure AD configuration

Follow these steps to configure authentication for Mail Gateway against Azure AD:

  1. Navigate to the Azure Active Directory Admin Center and select App registrations.
  2. Select New registration.
  3. On the first page specify:
  4. For the newly created application registration, go to Authentication and enable Allow public client flows.
  5. Configure API permissions:
    1. Go to API permissions and select Add a permission.
    2. Select Office 365 Exchange Online from the APIs my organization uses section.
    3. Check the EWS > EWS.AccessAsUser.All permission and click Save.
    4. click Grant admin consent.
  6. Go to the Overview page and make a note of the following identifiers that you need for the mailbox elements in the Mail Gateway configuration file:
    • Application (client) ID
    • Directory (tenant) ID
  • Last modified: 15 months ago
  • by Martin Berg