How to add fields

A table can contain fields of several different types. To create a field in a table, select the table you wish to add a field for. When designing the table there is a panel on your right hand side, there you will find all available field types and all available field properties that can be set on the fields.

To add a field, you just simply drag and drop the selected field to the table. A dialogue appears on the field asking you to enter the field name. Two names should be entered;

  • Name - database name (is not shown on the table). This field name can only contain lowercase letters (az), numbers (0-9) and underscore (_). The database name should be in english.
  • Swedish - (or whatever language you are using) name of the field that is going to be displayed on the table. Any charachter can be used.


When adding a field to a table try to think about:

1. Location of the fields Think logically, the fields should be located in a coherent order, this makes it easier to enter the information. Try to put the fields so you start filling the information from left to right.

2. Less is more Think 10 000 times before you add a field - is it really neccessary? Do we really need this information? To many fields on a table makes it non user-friendly, it should be easy to fill a table with information.

3. Use separators Often some fields should be placed below a separator to get a better overview of what a table contains. This also makes it easier to find the information you are looking for. An other advantage is that some departments only use a set of fields, using separators makes it possible to only show the fields you work with daily.

4. Size matters DonĀ“t forget to adjust the size of the field. The size of the fields should be adjusted so that the information is not cut when displayed in the field. To adjust the size, simply drag the corner of the field. Don't forget to also adjust the allowed amount of characters e.g. length in the field properties!

  • Last modified: 4 years ago
  • by Simon Jehrbo