LISA (Lime CRM Server Administration) is an administrative tool for Lime CRM. It is used to attach databases, add tabs, add fields, administrate users and permissions.

The tool is built to ease the way of designing databases by giving a visual representation of how the actual Lime CRM table will look when opened.

Field templates

Field template - One field with predefined settings and default values.

Example: Company name; has proper display name for different languages, has the right length to fit with Bisnode synchronization is labeled with the company name label. Label and name are also write protected and can’t be changed once the template has been applied

LISA is your best administrative Lime CRM tool - you don't have to be a hacker and it is very easy to access, see How to start LISA (Internet Explorer is required to run LISA).

  • Last modified: 4 years ago
  • by Simon Jehrbo