Follow these steps to install Lime CRM Web Service:

  1. Make sure that .NET Framework 4.0 (full) is installed.
  2. Install Lime CRM Web Service by running setup.exe with elevated rights.
    • The installation program will do the following:
    • The files required for the service are installed in C:\Program Files\Lundalogik\Lime CRM Web Service.
    • Lundalogik Lime CRM Web Service is added as a Windows service.
  3. Configure LWS according to the section below.
  4. Configure Windows Firewall/external firewall. If the web service is to listen for connections from other computers on the network, any active firewalls must be configured to let traffic through the selected port(s).
  5. Configure and start the Windows service. By default, the LWS Windows service operates under the Local System user account. We recommend that you create a separate user account for use with LWS. This account must have access to Lime CRM Server.
  6. Start the LWS Windows service.
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