Mail add-on

The mail add-on to Outlook allows for the user to easily save contact persons and notes in Lime CRM direct from e-mail conversations and also save and synchronize calendar appointments as todos.

A brief summary of what the Outllok mail add-on can do for you:

  • Save e-mail conversations from Outlook to Lime CRM as notes.
  • Connect the e-mail conversation to a person, company and deal in Lime CRM.
  • Create a person from an e-mail conversation if the person doesn't exist in Lime CRM.
  • Create follow-up tasks from an e-mail conversation for better follow-up of your important e-mails.
  • Save e-mail conversations as .eml-files for archiving purpose.
  • Save attachments as separate documents in Lime CRM directly from the e-mail.
  • Save calendar appointments as todos.
  • Synchronize saved calendar appointments from Outlook to connected todo in Lime CRM (requires Office 365 account).

The Outlook add-in are installed using Outlook REST API and/or Exchange Web Services (EWS)

The add-in connects to a hosted service on Lundalogik servers and saves the information in Lime CRM using Lime CRM REST API for accessing the Lime CRM database.

The add-in to Outlook is installed in one place and available through Outlook desktop client, web client and iOS app (if using Office 365).

The synchronization of saved calendar appointments to Lime CRM uses Office 365 webhooks.

  • Last modified: 14 days ago
  • by Magnus Fagerlund