Mail add-ons

The mail add-ons to Outlook and Gmail (through a Chrome extension) allows for the user to easily save contact persons and notes in Lime CRM direct from e-mail conversations.

A brief summary of what mail add-ons can do for you:

  • Save e-mail conversations from Outlook/Gmail to Lime CRM as notes.
  • Connect the e-mail conversation to a person, company and deal in Lime CRM.
  • Create a person from an e-mail conversation if the person doesn't exist in Lime CRM.
  • Create follow-up tasks from an e-mail conversation for better follow-up of your important e-mails.
  • Save e-mail conversations as .eml-files for archiving purpose.
  • Save attachments as separate documents in Lime CRM directly from the e-mail.

The mail add-ins are installed as either:

  • Chrome extension for Gmail or
  • Outlook add-in using Outlook REST API and/or Exchange Web Services (EWS)

The add-in connects to a hosted service on Lundalogik servers and saves the information in Lime CRM using Lime CRM REST API for accessing the Lime CRM database.

The add-in to Outlook is installed in one place and available through Outlook desktop client, web client and iOS app (if using Office 365).

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