File Import

Lime CRM has a built-in feature for importing simple text files starting with Lime CRM version 10.12.

A brief summary of what you can do using file imports:

  • Import data to the following Lime CRM field types:
    • Integer
    • Option
    • Relation
    • Decimal
    • Yes/No
    • Time
    • Text
    • Formatted Text
    • Link
  • The file format should be .txt or .csv, and it should have a separator such as “;”.
  • Use one or more columns as a key used when looking up existing records.
  • Choose whether to only create new records, only update existing records or both create and update.
  • View job history
  • Map file data to individual options in option fields. For example, “CEO”, “CFO” and “CTO” titles from the import file can be mapped to a “Management” option in a Lime CRM option field. It is also possible to supply a default option to be used.
  • Get detailed information on errors that occur during an import with the option to download a new file containing only the erroneous rows.
  • Last modified: 4 years ago
  • by Janki Patel