Retrieving and updating information

Lime CRM Web Service essentially offers three operations, one to search for and retrieve information, one to update information and one to retrieve images and files:

  • GetXmlQueryData - retrieves entries and documents.
  • UpdateData - updates entries and file types.
  • GetFile - retrieves images and files.

You can read more about retrieving and updating information in Querying the web service for data.


Depending on the session mode used by the database the client will call different methods. If session mode is Per Client, the client must supply a valid SessionId to all methods. The SessionId is retrieved from the CreateSession method. Sessions are managed by the following methods:

  • CreateSession
  • CloseSession
  • IsValidSession

The username/password supplied to CreateSession can be either a Lime CRM username or a Windows account that is connected to a LIME account. The session mode can be configured.

If a client to a database configured with Per Client session mode calls a method without supplying a SessionId the server will throw an exception. A client to a database configured with session mode Per Client must call the methods that ends with ForSession, for example GetXmlQueryDataForSession.

Support for user sessions was added to Lime CRM Web Services in 10.9.

What information is available?

The information that you can retrieve depends on your Lime database. There are three operations that help you to discover how your specific Lime database can be used with Lime CRM Web Service.

  • GetDatabaseSchema returns an XML Schema Definition (XSD) for the entire database. This schema describes the rules relating to how data for updates is structured. Use this operation if you want to validate your incoming data in the form of valid data types, formats and values on the client side. In order for the operation to return a schema, the user that the Lime CRM Web Service uses to log into the database must have write access to at least one table.
  • GetDataStructure returns an XML structure that describes the database in your unique LIME system. Use this operation to see the fields to which you have access via Lime CRM Web Service.
  • GetTableSchema returns an XML Schema Definition (XSD). Unlike GetDatabaseSchema, this only returns the information that is required to update a particular table. As before, the user that the Lime CRM Web Service uses to log into the database must have write access to the table.

These three operations describe the structure and content of the Lime database in various ways.

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